Lili Carr

I applied to the Free School of Architecture based on the extremely limited information provided at the outset, hoping that this was a sign that it would truly be an experiment. This hope was very much surpassed. 

I met a group of determined, innovative, idiosyncratic and generous individuals, each from wildly different backgrounds and each sharing a great concern for architecture and a desire to question the status quo, each in their own, often surprising ways. No work was produced in the traditional sense, and the value of this – of time and space for the slow (and often painful) exploration of ideas – only realized itself after the fact in an explosion of new friendships, collaborations, ideas, projects and practices. I am grateful for the confidence this gave me to continue doing things the way I do them. Navigating a less than conventional pursuit of architecture became easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more productive together.

London, United Kingdom