Jonathan Sharp

Did you pick up those red lines I put on your desk? Did you send the latest backgrounds to the structural engineer? How could you forget to sync your local Revit model to the central model before leaving your computer? How did your design pin-up with the partner go today? Actually - we are going to need a new set of renderings for the meeting tomorrow, you can quickly do them tonight right? Did you remember to log your Internship hours last month? When are you going to start taking your Architect Registration Exams?




The looming fog of responsibilities that consume the professional world can easily obscure our true personal ambitions. The Free School of Architecture offers an opportunity to take a selfish break. It supports the time to reflect, as an individual, and the opportunity to organize, as a collective. It presents six weeks to revel in the beauty of Los Angeles and learn from the diversity that powers the vibrant streets. It provides a well-earned pause; you will not regret it. 

los angeles, ca