Frequently Asked Questions

I want to teach.

Will there be a separate call for teaching proposals?

  1. No; there is one application for both participants and teaching proposals. Please complete all sections if you want to teach. 
  2. Peer-to-peer learning is at the core of the Free School of Architecture. FSA believes that all participants have the potential to teach and to learn from each other. There is no distinction between ‘teachers’ and ‘students’; a participant may adopt each, either or both roles. Anyone who wants to teach at The Free School of Architecture is considered a participant, and must therefore complete the full application process.



Yes; although FSA encourages full-time participation for the duration of the six weeks, we realize that it may not always be possible. We will ask accepted participants to confirm their expected level of attendance upon admission. Based on this, we will work with accepted teaching proposals to fit into our program.

I want to attend but can't travel to Los Angeles. 

can i still participate?

Remote engagement is something we are working on but cannot guarantee for Summer 2018. We encourage you to apply if you think there is a possibility for you to be present in Los Angeles. We have designed the application process to be the first act of exchange between new participants, and we will be asking accepted participants to confirm their expected level of attendance upon admission.

I live in la but I have a full-time job.

Can I still attend?

Yes; programming will be weighted towards evenings and weekends as much as possible.  This said, previous participants have found juggling a full time job and attending the Free School challenging, but ultimately rewarding. FSA recommends as much of a commitment as possible in order to gain the most out of attending the Free School.

does FSA provide accommodation?

FSA will not be able to provide accommodation in Los Angeles. We will however try to help accepted participants navigate housing options.

How much will it cost?

Although there are no fees to attend the Free School of Architecture, you will need to be able to cover your living expenses for the 6-week duration. We suggest a budget of $400 to $600 USD per week for rental accommodation, meals and transportation while in Los Angeles. FSA recognizes that this is a big financial commitment, and is working on ways to help mitigate this cost.

Do I have to be an architect to participate?

Nope! Although all participants must have some experience (professionally or otherwise) in a discipline that engages with a form of practice related to architecture, you do not have to be an architect. Non-architects are actively encouraged to apply and submit teaching proposals.

Do I have to be a participant in order to attend events?

No; FSA will host public events and lectures throughout the summer. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and find an event that you can join!

Will I receive academic credit for attending?

No. The Free School of Architecture is not, and does not claim to be, an accredited academic institution.

Will I learn how to be an architect?

No. The Free School of Architecture does not engage in the professional training of architects.

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