The Free School of Architecture is a participant-led six week event committed to the free exploration and exchange of ideas in and around architecture, freed from traditional pedagogical and professional frameworks. Focused on and determined through peer-to-peer learning, participant directed programming and an ever changing network of affiliations and collaborations, the aim of the Free School of Architecture is to facilitate a dialogue between peers worldwide who share in the pursuit of architecture, and to expand and support a space for free thought where this architecture can happen.

For a record of FSA 2018, see our page.

The Free School of Architecture is run by and exists through its four organizers, supported by the FSA advisors. FSA is the body of participants who attend and engage in the Free School of Architecture each year, and who continue to evolve and enact the Free School of Architecture’s multiplicity of values and attentions through to the next. The Free School of Architecture was founded in 2016 in Los Angeles by architect and educator Peter Zellner.